Below are a few NUA Dalmatians as pups  from 2007 breedings.
~ Tye ~
Dotter's Eyes of The World
~ Cubby~
Woodwynd Dotter's Eagle Scout (L)
These are 4 LUA littermates from the Boo X Layla breeding.
Born: Sept 17, 2007
~ Cole ~
Dotter's Evo Cole
~ Molly~
Dotter's El Dorado
These are 2 LUA littermates from the Jazz X Elle breeding.
Born: Sept 24, 2007
~ Gryffindor ~
Fiacre's Felix Felicis
~ Fiona ~
Fiacre's First and Foremost
These are 4 LUA littermates from the Jackson X Bonnie breeding.
Born: Oct 10, 2007
Aberdeen's Greek Argonaut
Aberdeen's Goodness Gracious
Aberdeen's Galatia
Aberdeen's You Go Girl
See Gigi today as an adult